Sunday, April 1, 2012

AM Q6 Week 1 Progress Reel

I am back at AM for the last quarter and there is a lot of work to do. This Quarter is all polish and working and reworking all of my shots. I have 11 short weeks to take me from a C- Student to at least a B- animator.

Originally I was going to skip this post because the homework was simply to upload your progress reel, then I remembered that I didn't finish posting my work from last quarter. Last quarter ended poorly for me, I fell behind one week and was never able to catch up, so I stopped posting because it was disappointing work. I was planning to go back and retroactively post some of the work, which I might, but it until then I will just add the end of the quarter's progress.

Posting this after the fact, I got a C- over all on my work, where an A would be professional and a C would be a good student animator, so I feel that is a very fair evaluation of my work. I know I need to put in more time and do more projects. This makes me long to be out of school and do something like these for fun, but until then I will try my best to work on these for school.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

AM Q5 ASN2 Dialogue Week 4

This week is the start of a new assignment. This Assignment I will have until the end of the quarter, this one will be two character dialogue scene.

Here are my audio clips, the first one is from Serenity, the second one is from Office Space and the last one is from Planet of the Apes, I didn't list the source in the video because I got kinda chewed out for being excited about clips because of their sources. I picked these 3 clips out of a total of 12 that I found and showed to people and probably twice that many that didn't work for one reason or another.
This is my character description and scene description, hopefully you can read this if not well you'll get the feeling for it from the pictures and from the later animation I will do.
Based on what I can do with Bishop 2.0, I created these sketches for my potential characters and sets.

I have already hear from my mentor on this assignment and I got and A, which is awesome because those are hard to come by, and he was impressed with my drawings which was also a feather in my cap seeing as he was an old school animator for Disney. He really liked number 1 and number 2, those were my favorites as well, I am kinda leaning towards number 2, I have a better idea on what I want to do and what it is going to be.

This week I also had to make another face, I really like doing these assignments. I bought two books all about people making faces a reference for artists, one was all adults and one was babies to teens. These books are great references for people making faces, I could do with out the images of people using them to make art, those seem kinda dumb and make it seem more like a joke then actual reference book. Great books though and I recommend them.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

AM Q5 ASN1 Dialogue Week 3

Here is the final version of my Tombstone shot. I am pretty happy with it. I can't wait to do more I know they will only get better.

This week I also got to make more faces. I hope we get to do even more later in the quarter.
 Angry Baby

Sunday, October 9, 2011

AM Q5 ASN1 Dialogue Week 2

I got some great feed back from my mentor this week and it helped me to create a better look for the animation that was more consistent with the feel I was going for. I still have one more week I think it still needs a little TLC and then I could have a piece that I really like.

This week we had the additional assignment to copy faces that we found in "magazines" I took magazines to mean the internet. This assignment was really fun. I love playing with faces.  I hope we get to do a couple more of these.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

AM Q5 ASN1 Dialogue Week 1

New quarter and a new mentor, the mentor I have this quarter is old school, Jay Jackson, who learned from the Nine Old Men and who worked on films with Tim Burton. I am very excited to learn from a mentor
"No school, like the old school."
-Frank Thomas The Incredibles

This week I kinda worked out of order, I did start with my reference but my reference didn't really capture what I wanted. Though I feel I need to look at it more and taker note of the times where I do extenuate the words and find more small things to add to sweeten what I have. I also need to do a pass where it is just my mouth. Need to make sure I brush before that one.
After shooting reference and kind of ignoring it I went into the animation, I don't know why, I think I just wanted to play around and then I just couldn't stop. I ended up with something that I am actually kind of happy with. It helped me to tighten up the body in some parts and to better know what to accent with the body. I kinda needed the face to know the body. Even when I draw I start with the head and all things lead from that.
After the animation I did some of the worst planning drawings I have done yet . I know I can do better and I think I will do better next week. Need to figure out a time of day to start doing animation every day.

I am looking forward to next week and getting some feed back and just making the shot better step by step.

Friday, September 16, 2011

AM Q4 ASN2 Week12 Progress Reel

Another quarter under my belt. Here you can see all the progress I have made. I was too tried to make a new header so I reused the old one. I've learned so much I hope I remember all of it for when I get to start a new scene. I hope that during my break I make some time to keep working on my shot. I think I plan on knocking out a couple of sections and cleaning them up. Until next quarter, I think I will game it up for a while, I got Dead Island waiting at home

Sunday, September 11, 2011

AM Q4 ASN2 Week11 Dialogue The Sweet Shop

Aaaaand Done. Well done until next quarter where I unlock the face and get to do the lip synch.

Well I think I find my self where I usually find my self at the end of the quarter, understanding the all the lessons at the end and wanting to start over because I now see what that shot could be. But that is how I learn, there are a lot of parts that I am happy with, but mostly all I can see are the flaws. From what I understand that never goes away.
I don't really like the beginning any more, it feels like it's there for the sake of animation not to explain who this guy is. I think after the quarter is done I will get rid of the swooping look up and have him fingering the jar more and then having a curt look up and then reavealing that he is happy to see Johnny Ringo. I would have incorporated it this week, but I didn't realize that until it was too late. Oh well, that is enough for this quarter, maybe one more cleaning pass before I turn in my reel.